Maqui Berry Powder 1kg

We sell a wide range of ingredients in your kitchen with the machine. Christmas pastry AIDS are one of our specialties. Products include Marzipan, mixed Peel, baking soda, cakes, pies, fruit and many more cooking and gluten free alternative to wheat are available. All our ingredients are for cooking in large quantities at discount prices available. Recipes for cooking: to come. Our Goji berries are 280 degrees, i.e. 280 berries for 50 grams. Please note that there is a lot less expensive than Goji berries in the EU market, but are much smaller, usually 350 degrees, I. and bays for 50 350 grams. So pay attention to this aspect. We supply products and available with only the absolute best affordable and functional natural products worldwide continue & EnhanceQuality of life for those who want to live well. We believe. The greatest wealth is health. The Reishi mushroom is called lingzhi in China. Is a fungus, Madeira-vivienda, especially species of Ganoderma lucidum. He served for more than 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. Ganoderma has prevent metastasis of cancer, as well as antibacterial and antiviral activity. She believes that Chinese medicine who possess anti-tumor, immunomodulatory and Immunotherapeutic approach supports the actions of studies on polysaccharides, terpenes and other bioactive compounds isolated from the mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies. It was also the inhibit platelet aggregation and found to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. This cocoa powder is raw and organic. Added a great healthy ingredients, cakes, sweets and maqui berry powder 1kg desserts. We sell a wide range of foods Super delicious chocolate believed. Healthy chocolate! Was not drunk/Dutched. Maqui Berry powder add c. tsp (2 g): yoghurt, cereals, beans, baked, cake, milk products, milk shakes, ice cream, desserts and salads. Highest ORAC, polyphenols and anthocyanins than any other world Berry (2gr Maqui rust powder supplies 100 g of fruit). Bee Pollen Australia is taken by bees on our clean and green remote Woods full of energy and quality to maintain the vitality and radiant health. This information is not medical advice. You should consult with a member of a health professional for all diseases. Vitamins and minerals can only be the assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate. Mother nature gives us the perfect food to keep our bodies healthy. In nature superfoods doing our best to bring this whole foods more naturally with the least amount of processing. We have included in the true spirit of New Zealand and mixed different superfoods and their families better health nature. Healthy life!  Dave Schmid & BuissonAcai Berry is a small purple fruit of acai (Euterpe oleracea) Palm, a tree in the region of the Brazilian Amazon. Acai Berry diet has recently been feeling among the best athletes, because it's simply one of the most nutritious foods. A wide range of Acai Berry diet contains an unusually high antioxidant content. Acai Berry is rich in Omega fatty acids in the same proportion of omega 6 and omega-9 fatty acids can also be found in olive oil. The acai berry provides protein and fiber. You will also find calcium and iron. This Treasury of super food scene is pronounced ah-sigh-EE ', a food supplement great for almost everyone. Acai food forest is one of the leading manufacturers in the world. During a tour of the Millennium-Eve navigate its founders acai berry was discovered and since then, he has fair trade certificate in the chain that benefits thousands of local families, as well as the protection of the Amazon rainforest through sustainable agriculture. A portion of its profits to the Amazon for education, health, to promote and protect the rainforest allow regressed. This approach has won major awards. A Joker is now indigenous farmers in Brazil, where the rainforest grows the plant attached conditions, Acai Palm. Acai Berry is that the hand from the top of the branches of the tree is selected. Their high fat content means it can go fast, so once that was selected for a processing plant. Here, he is pressed to extract the pulp of the fruit. There to treat more pulp of acai occasions, but Frost-freezes the most conservative of the nutritive elements quickly and then spraying the heating and pressure loss of pure frozen water content. Of course, food jungle acai. Lyophilized pulp is ground into powder and packed for transport. It takes about 20 kg of fruit to make 1 kg of powdered acai berry food forest. Certified organic food rainforest acai berry berry powder is certified by the soil Association, from a handful of organic certification to provide one in the United Kingdom. These are in turn by DEFRA (Department for environment, food and Rural Affairs) regulated. The soil association role to ensure that all foods sold as well definable. This is done through the control of all stages of the value chain by processing, export and growth. Certification from the soil Association-represented by the soil Association logo and leaf organic us in our packaging-symbol is a guarantee that our customers have purchased an organic product. All certified organic products must bear a certification key in the container. For British companies such as forest food has the format UK-ORG-XX, XX, indicating the certifying authority. If not available, a product is not organic. The binding code for our products of the soil is GB-ORG-05. Organic ingredients, freeze dried raw powder acai berry. Proposed use, it is recommended that the preferred juice, milk or liquid 3-6 grams of forest food acai berry powder Add. Store the powder in a cool, dry place of Acai. Nutritional analysis for more information on the nutrient content, click on the image above the rear label. For more information about acai berry, please consult the summary of acai berries and acai berry in our blog to read the Blog. .