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Cholesterol is associated with higher mortality. worst among women? The authors of [1]-"deep express levels of cholesterol concern ¿sur in Swedish from the North increased from 2007, as well as harmful effects on end of high cholesterol. "Such concerns are not based on mortality data and where in fact low cholesterol with early death in most data set is bound and which 2 studies for Northern and Central Europe are particularly relevant. The first is the northern coast of Norway [2], while the second is a study of long-term observation in Austria, which corresponds to the participants of the authors [3]. The study in Norway found the highest mortality in men and women in the lowest maqui berry walmart quartile for total cholesterol (TC), with women, the risk of mortality (adjusted for age, smoking and systolic blood pressure) for pass the upper quartile 2 (less than 5 mM/L-r = TC – TC = more than 7 mM/L, [2]) figure. The trend for men non-obvious with the lowest mortality rate pass the second quartile of the TC = 04:55. 9 mM/L. The Austrian study has also revealed that the highest mortality in the lowest quartile for TC and that only women 50 years was not statistically significant. On the other hand, among women over 50 years of age, the risk of premature death can be found in the bottom quartile for TC smoke danger equated (approx. + 60%; p = less than 0) 001; Table 4B [3]). The concept, which is the lower cholesterol should be controlled in good health because in quartile low cholesterol may predict the disease [3] and premature death [2.3]. The authors call Scandinavian study 4S popular anti-cholesterol [42-1], but wound up with 3 heart of woman patients deaths simvastatin, had the placebo; Indeed, no study of cholesterol has never done what an advantage in mortality among women (references [4]). In other words, is Statin studies have shown that the reduction in cholesterol reduction in women Sterblichkeit,--do not and it is known that naturally low levels of cholesterol are a risk of mortality in the oldest Europeans. It would be helpful if the authors could comment on the above and cholesterol and all cause mortality in your DataSet. 1 Johansson I, Nilsson L, Stegmayr B, Boman K, Hallmans G, Winkvist a. associations trends for 25 years in the diet, cholesterol and BMI of 140000 comments from men and women of Northern Sweden. J Nutr on June 11, 2012; MEDLINE 1:40.226866212. Is H, Sigurdsson Yes, Bengtsson C Nilsen TI, l. Getz of the use of the cholesterol in the mortality of valid clinical risk algorithms? Ten years chasing prospective Study Norwegian data 2. J eval Clin pract. MEDLINE's 2012 may 29 22639974. 3 Ulm H C Kelleher, diem G, Chandrasekaran H. Why not Adam Eve: 149650 potentials associated with women and men of cholesterol and other risk factors, cardiovascular mortality and cause of all. J Womens Health (Larchmt). Jan-Feb 2004; 01.41-MEDLINE 150062774 53. Your E, Rose c., the benefits of Statins in question. Can Med ass j n., November 8, 2005. 173 (10) 1207 DOI: 10 1503/CMAJ. 1050120 www. CMAJ. CA/CGI/reprint/173/10/1210. PDF file,. .